It is not about making cocktails! It is about being mad. It is about having the balls and the audacity to challenge conventional flavors and reinvent them. It is about tailoring tasting experiences.
We interpret company profiles, corporate philosophies, brand logos to party themes and tasting preferences and flip them into tasting experiences.
We have spent years collaborating with chefs, perfumers, farmers, scientists and psychologists. The outcome of these extraordinary collaborations are tasting experiences which connect your guests with the present. We use our scientific backgrounds to research and extract flavors,
we study the impact of temperatures on textures, we combine these critical roles during the fermentation and distillation processes
– nothing is sacred!

It not about servicing guests! It is about understanding and impacting the universe in which guests enjoy a cocktail-tasting experience. It is about equipping bartenders with scientifically-proven methods and tools empowering them to engage your guests with mind-blowing tasting experiences. We do lectures, training workshops, masterclasses, one-on-one development sessions to customiSing bar concepts, interior design, dress codes, drink menus, customer service, making all of these a holistic reflection of what to expect.