Cocktail Solutions was founded by Hardeep Singh Rehal with the aim to create exceptional cocktails combining creativity and a scientific foundation. Having won championships nationally and internationally, Hardeep is considered a leading authority on cocktail-tasting experiences. Hardeep's passion is to deliver tasting experiences tailor-made for hotels, bars, restaurants, etc. Cocktail Solution’s heritage is based on the concept of critical thinking. Analyzing and breaking down tasting experiences to their very core, only to rebuild, adapt and rejuvenate – that’s our DNA! Cocktail Solution is a movement; always moving forward, always thinking outside the box, always challenging status quo – that’s our raison d’être!

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Cocktail Solutions is the story of a science engineer who fell in love with creating sensory experiences by giving cocktails and the environments they are served in unexpected emotional twists.

Drawing inspiration from his Indian heritage and Nordic upbringing, Hardeep Singh Rehal, born in London, raised in Copenhagen, believes that tailor-made cocktail experiences are a sophisticated tool, which can make time slow down. In a world where instant gratification is the new black, cocktail experiences make you connect. Cocktail tasting experiences bring back childhood memories, they place you in a forest with young birch trees on a Spring day, they connect you to a world where all your senses are activated. On this journey of discovery Hardeep has travelled far and often. From his early club working days with dancing and drinking, to consulting 5star luxury hotels, winning competitions, Hardeep has come full circle with Blume in Copenhagen, a love child between new school cocktail bar and good old night club – it is all about engaging the present!

Armed with a background in science and engineering from the University of Technology in Copenhagen, Hardeep has engaged the hospitality scene since 2002, including five-star hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants, speakeasy cocktail bars and night clubs throughout the world. Parallel to this, Hardeep collaborates with gourmet chefs, scientists, perfumers, farmers, pastry chefs, bakers, distillers and brewers – it is the mad scientist at play! Creating flavor pairings using unexpected combinations inspired by his love for science, the end goal is a total sensory experience making those who try and those who make them rethink what can be done with cocktails. Today, Hardeep is a leading authority in the hospitality scene, having won national and international competitions since 2007 including the Diageo World Class Bartending Competition and the Martini Challenge award (World’s Best Martini) in 2014.